Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why am I Still Here?

A few weeks ago I realized I could take yellow food coloring, mix it with warm water in an empty 2-liter bottle and write other people's names in the snow. 

Snow art.  I'm good at it. 

This started when I remembered a story from my childhood.  Just after a snowfall, I went outside one morning and in the alley behind our house I wrote my name in the neighbor's yard.  Pee'd, actually. 

TED.  Big yellow letters, too. 

Then the temperatures for that week got down to below zero and it froze solid.  Every day my dad would go outside and see that.  He wasn't too happy but I thought it was funny as hell.  The old man behind us did, too.  Naughty kids will be naughty. 

So now I'm working on getting the flow right and other various things.  I've been practicing outside my apartment.  So the landlord called me up this week and asked me if my toilet was broken.  I hadn't realized how much practicing I had been doing until I looked outside.  Everywhere around my apartment were yellow letters and spots.  Bold yellow, too. 

It looked like I had a kidney infection and a bladder problem.  And that I had been sitting around drinking lemon tea or beer for days. 

So I had to stop.  For now, anyways. 

I'm pretty sure my snow scribing skills are going to be a big hit.  I'm working on a bunch of pins for Pinterest.   

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