Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm Just Here to Help

Children's books have always been about forming the young and impressionable minds of our youth.  Sometimes it was teaching kids to be brave, responsible, honest or accepting of others.  There has always been a social agenda.  When I was a kid we read books about brushing our teeth, cleaning our rooms and how to use the bathroom properly.  Messages were sent about respecting our teachers and older people, or how important it was to assist those who need our help. 

It is now time to advance this further.  I believe it is time for a series of children's books about consensual incest. 

Since children's books now cover such topics as homosexual relationships and single-sex parents, it would only seem logical that books about consensual incest should be next. 

Why?  Because no child should be left to ponder why their mother and father were the only ones at the family reunion. 

Children from incestuous families need to feel more accepted in today's society.  It's unfair that some kids will make fun of them and how they look.  Genetic mutations from inbreeding are a terrible thing for a child to deal with.  First the kids make fun of the drooling and next that dead, vacant stare.  It's terrible! 

As a caring American, I feel that it is my obligation to help these families find acceptance. 

Incest always raises a lot of questions.  And we as a society need to come together to help answer these questions for the children.  We do it all for the kids. 

When will we, as a country, come together and embrace this life-choice?  We are far too judgmental and harsh.  And who pays?  The children! 

Children from consensual incestuous relationships are just like anybody else.  Once you get past the hump on their back and tendency towards violence, they become fine neighbors and janitors. 

Even Game of Thrones has gotten into the trendy Children-of-Incest market.  I'm sure there are a lot of fans of Team Lannister out there. 

There is a huge market of children who are not represented in the popular Children's Literature section of our bookstores. 

And how do you explain parole to a 7 year-old?  With a special book all about it! 

I'm totally smelling Newbery Award already! 

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