Monday, May 30, 2016

Don't Be Captain Save-A-Ho!

I should be editing my novella right now.  It badly needs to be edited and sent out.  In fact, I have a ton of short stories and other projects singing out to me.

But instead of doing all of that, I thought it would be a good time to tell you folks about Captain Save-A-Ho.

I've met several in my life.

Captain Save-A-Ho is a man who thinks kindness and gifts will somehow make a woman love him.  It's as if he thinks the woman is only doing what she can to survive and all those bad choices were because she didn't know any better.

Captain Save-A-Ho is usually older than the ho and actually works a job that comes with a paycheck--something the ho has no idea about.  The ho is used to earning her money and drugs on her back or knees.  Society tells us that it's a horrible existence but that's part of the whole Madonna/whore complex men have towards women.  Trust me, the only things these hoes regret are STDs and jail time.  And maybe the occasional beating they get when caught cheating.

As I've said, I've met a few Captain Save-A-Hoes in my day.  It's sad to see because they always get chewed up in the end.  The movie Pretty Woman lied to us all about the realities of life.  The hooker had a heart of gold instead of being a diseased drug addict looking to rip every man off she can find.  She isn't covered in bruises from her pimp or rough clientele and she didn't have the cough that comes from being dope sick and in need of a fix.  If I had met a ho that looked like her, I'd keep driving for fear she was a cop.  No hooker looks that good.  And if they do, I promise you it's a man.

But no, Pretty Woman lied to us about the power of love.  Love is meaningless.  Love doesn't change shit.  Love doesn't thaw the heart of a ho and it doesn't save anybody.  The ho already realizes that love is nothing more than a commodity to be bought and sold.  It's the hook that gets the money out of you.  She's playing a role and you're just another spectator in the audience.

In the original script for Pretty Woman, she was supposed to die of a drug overdose in the end.  Even the writer couldn't keep up that lie for the whole thing.  Reality is unavoidable and nobody saves a ho.  Nobody.

I once met a ho who convinced her man she was saved.  They got married despite the massive age difference and just before he died, she revealed to him all she'd been up to.  The cheating, the drugs, the parties.  She hadn't cleaned up, just got more careful.  She'd slept with his friends, his step-son from a different marriage, and his Financial Adviser.  She was a ho and it wasn't because she needed coke, or because she needed money.  She liked what she was doing and she enjoyed it.

This is what Captain Save-A-Ho never understands about women.  Some women just like having sex with random strangers and they like what they get in return for it.  They like the drugs.  They like being stoned out of their mind.  They enjoy the parties and the sex.  Captain Save-A-Ho never understands this and gets hurt over and over again because of this.

I understand why Captain Save-A-Ho does this.  Sure, he's a lonely guy but he's also a nice guy.  He just wants love.

With 6.5 billion miserable assholes on this planet, you would think this shit would be easier, but it's not.

No, Captain Save-A-Ho finds something in the ho he thinks is redeemable.  He wants to be the man who helps her and becomes her hero.  Every man wants to be the hero to some woman.  It's written into our DNA somewhere.

But the hero never gets the girl.  Never.  It might happen in stories and movies, but never in real life.  Instead, she goes to find somebody who excites her and is fun to be around.  Heroes are way too fucking serious.

A fallen woman is an easy target for Captain Save-A-Ho.  He'll find one who just got knocked down by her pimp or the judge someplace, and he'll throw on a cape. It doesn't matter she's been with dozens or hundreds of men.  It doesn't matter if she's done more drugs than a cancer patient.  It doesn't matter she's had STD's on several occasions and to her, Chlamydia is something you just get once in a while.  

Captain Save-A-Ho forgives all and just wants the ho to turn away from her past life and towards a happier one with him.  He'll pay for past.  Court costs, fines and fees?  Tuition?  Clothes?  Car repair costs?  Captain Save-A-Ho will take care of it.  He just wants the ho to be with him.

I wish I had magic words to convince all the various Captain Save-A-Hoes who have come to me upset about their fate.  I have nothing for them.  Being a Captain Save-A-Ho is a sickness.  It's being a man so lonely that he is willing to lose money he normally can ill-afford to lose on a woman who doesn't even come close to offering him what he needs in return.  And I'm not talking about sex.  

The Ho never loves her hero because she doesn't see him as one.  She sees him as a mark.  A chump she can get things from.  And our Captain's self-esteem is so poor he can't stand up for himself.  Instead, he calls what he feels "love" and tries to keep her with him.  

Captain Save-A-Ho never wins.  Ever.  And if you find a Captain Save-A-Ho, I promise you he'll never understand any of this.  He'll be laughed at, ripped off, humiliated, and abandoned but he'll never understand any of what happened.  To him, it'll be rejection.  It's not rejection, though.  He was played and he needs help or the cycle will repeat until he's dead or in jail from doing something stupid.  

Somebody needs to save Captain Save-A-Ho.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Buy This Book!

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This book has some seriously heavy-hitters in the horror world.  Ramsey Campbell, Bob Freville, and many others.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Horror Movie Picks

Somebody asked me to do a blog post about my Top Ten Favorite horror movies in the last 10 years and what they meant to me.  I thought that was an interesting idea because what scares us says a lot about us.  More to the point, who we cheer for says a lot about us as well.

These are in no particular order but if you get a chance, you should check them out.

1)  Outpost.

I thought this movie was amazingly well done.  I personally don't like a lot of the Nazi horror movies that have come out in recent years.  They're derivative and based on inaccurate history.  What makes this movie interesting is how these mercenaries are supposed to go to this old Nazi outpost and retrieve something for a wealthy client.

The Nazi soldiers who are there have another idea.

It's not like these soldiers are out trying to conquer the world or spread the gospel of National Socialism anywhere.  They're just occupying the outpost and these idiot mercenaries screw that up.

I'll admit that I cheered for the Nazis in this one.  They showed a delightful sense of humor and gave those mercenaries what they had coming.  The lesson here is simple:  you find some Nazi soldiers, leave them the fuck alone.

2)  The Purge

This has become a franchise and it asks the question we're always being asked--do you help people who cannot help themselves or do you purge them out of your society?  What about the people you want to kill who pissed you off?  Or the people you want to rape and mutilate?  If all is legal and all is allowed, what would you do?  Would you hide in a huddled group and defend yourself or would you hunt down your prey?

I'll admit that I'm on the fence with this one.  I'd hunt.  Some motherfuckers need killin' and there's no way around it.  But I'd also protect the people I care about.

I can tell you one thing, if we did have a purge, I'd be in much better shape.

3)  Silent Hill

I know this was based on a video game, but I enjoyed it just for the visuals alone.  It was breathtaking at how wonderfully dark the visuals of this movie unfolded.  When I'm driving in fog, I keep my eye out for a man with a pyramid for a head all the time now.

4)  Paranormal Activity

I know this is a franchise, but I loved it.  It was based so much on expectations and it masterfully drew your attention to what might happen.  Even when you knew what was going it happen, you were still waiting with your breath held, knowing it was going to be bad.

That, in a nutshell, is horror.  You know something bad is going to happen and there's nothing you can do to stop it.  You just have to survive it and if you're lucky, keep your loved ones alive in the process.

5)  30 Days of Night

I'm a Steven Niles fanboy.  I love just about everything of his I've found.  This is no different.

What a lot of folks don't know is that a few mini prequels were made and were available on Comcast's On-Demand section exclusively.  They were just as intense.

What is really happening in the world around us?  What is just beyond the shadows?

Have you ever wondered, while out for a walk at night, just what kind of monster you've walked past and didn't even realize it?

It's no secret to anybody that I wish all of these monsters were real.  I've always wished for that.  This movie made me imagine it was a reality.  Even the sequel kicked ass.

6)  Bitten

Jason Mewes.  Yup.  Jay from all of Kevin Smith's movies.  But this is a serious role and he does it very well.

Yes, this is a vampire movie.  But this is different.  He's in love with the vampire and for a while, you really feel sorry for him.  Plus, this movie showed a gritty Chicago through the lense of an EMT riding a meat wagon.

Between Mewes's acting and a pretty decent script, this movie isn't so much about horror as a character in a bad situation that cycles out of control.  This didn't get a lot of attention and it should.

7)  The Collector

I'll just cut to the chase and admit I cheered for the bad guy in this one.  He was so evil, so nasty, and was having such a good time I couldn't help it.  The scene where the daughter comes home with her boyfriend and he's watching them in the kitchen is incredible.  The way his eyes light up and his tongue darts in a out is just delicious.

8)  Let Me In

Our childhoods are often full of the need to escape.  Often, they're lonely and just not that good.  This movie plays with that and gives somebody a genuine monster to connect with.  What's even more delicious about this is how well this monster manipulates the child into joining her.

She might look like a kid, but she ain't no kid.

Evil is cunning and often much smarter than we are.  To me, this movie is about how we make choices for our comfort regardless of the consequences, or how dark the path.

9)  The Rite

I loved this movie.  Sir Anthony Hopkins is amazing in this.  He could read the alphabet and scare the crap out of you.

I love exorcism movies and I love how nobody can fuck with you like The Devil.

10)  Ava's Possessions

This movie is hip without being hipster.  And it does something I dearly love doing myself--focusing on a character after something shitty happens.  In this case, it's about a woman after she was possessed by a demon, and how she pieces of her life back together.

It's funny, it's creepy, it's weird.  And it raises some fun questions.

Definitely check this one out!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mutha's Day

I always was a pain in my mother's backside.

I mean, can you imagine having to deal with somebody like me?  Imagine when I was a small child, making really dark jokes in public places, and having to admit you're somehow related to me.  I put my poor mother through the ringer.

That's a picture of my mom holding me.  I look innocent enough, right?  The poor woman is even happy in that picture, or at least putting on a really good show of it, but judging by the look on my face I'm pretty sure I'm filling my pants in that picture.

What's the most common present a child gives to their mother?  A full diaper!

I was ten years old when the film Mommy Dearest came out.  It was a huge hit and the television was full of trailers for it.  Being the devilish son that I am, I had fun with this.


Mom used to take me to the grocery store with her on Saturdays.  It was part of our routine.  I would do the heavy lifting and fetch things for her.  She would tell me to go grab something, like a gallon of milk, and I would looked at her and say, "Yes, Mommy Dearest."  I would say it loud enough for other women in the crowded store to hear and they would give her the worst looks.

And if she ever said something about it, I would say, "No, not the wire hangers again!"

Mind you, this was in between visits to the meat section where I made horse noises.  Or in the book section where I asked for the book "How to Wok Your Dog."

Trips to the grocery store on Saturdays for me were more like Showtime!  I was on the stage and I got to try out my new material.

I could go on and on, but the truth is, I was a real pain in the ass and I had a great time doing it.  Sure, Mom was going to drown me once, but The Devil whispered in her ear and reminded her how He has big plans for me someday.  

So, to all of you Muthas with kids who are a pain in the ass like I was, Happy Muthas Day.