Friday, September 9, 2016

Stupid? You're Soaking in It!

I deal with stupid people every day.  It's a painful part of my job.

I deal with idiots who really shouldn't have been allowed to reproduce and judging by the spread of stupidity in our society, they are taking over, and soon we'll be swimming in a sea of idiots.

The shallow end of the gene pool is a tsunami washing away our sanity.

I've always been a fan of eugenics just because I don't give a shit about some idiot's right to reproduce.  When I'm paying higher taxes and more money for basic things to cover the costs of stupidity my humanity goes out the window.

Oh, I can hear people with their rustled jimmies whining about human rights and blah, blah, blah.

Fuck human rights!

Humans are just ugly bags of mostly water anyways.  Reproducing is a privilege and it should be reserved for those who are smart so future generations actually move forward instead of the regression we're seeing now.

It used to be, shitheads would do something stupid and kill themselves before they had a chance to breed, removing themselves from our gene pool.  Self-flushing turds, really.  Everybody knew Gums the Village Idiot would get kicked in the head by a mule before he reached the age of adulthood.  Or he would somehow dive head-first into the sawmill.  It was just a given, really.  And Gums did us all a favor by doing that.

The education system should make it clear that you're not there for just an education but also to prove yourself.  Besides, it's a joke now anyways.  No, the system should make it clear to kids they are working to earn the right to breed.  If they fail, then no future generations from them would be allowed.

Some bloodlines should have ended decades ago anyways.

But no, the same assholes who think we should pay for these idiots are the same assholes who couldn't imagine a society actually doing something to control the spread of stupidity.

Stupidity is a disease and it is destroying us.

But that doesn't mean we can't shame stupid people publically.  Stupid Shaming needs to be a thing. If for no other reason than to make stupid people realize they're stupid and if they kept their mouths shut, fewer people would realize just how stupid they really are.  It would be like somebody hiding in a crowd, like a stoned person in church, keeping their head down and not making eye-contact with the priest to avoid being busted.

It's time to call stupid people out.  Especially in public service jobs where you have to deal with stupid people all the time.  Their money isn't nearly as valuable as the social benefit of removing them from our community.  It's time we post pictures of stupid people online and a detailed accounting of their crimes.

Enough of this shit!

I've done call center work for more years than I care to admit.  In those years, I have dealt with some of the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet and the worst are the ones who think that somehow they know what they're talking about.  They might be angry but they're only angry because they don't understand something simple.

I've started using the phrase, "I know, it's complicated."  I say it with a very patronizing tone, like I'm talking to a child.

I wish I could post recordings of my calls online.  I would have a commentary going along with the recording so you would know what's going on and why they're so fucking stupid.

What bugs me the most about stupid people is that we allow them to get away with their stupidity because somehow we're supposed to be nice to them.   Usually, they are encountered in some kind of business setting, like in a store.  How many times in our workplace have we encountered stupidity? For people like myself, it is an hourly occurrence.  But because of the setting, I have to be nice.

That's the whole problem with our country right now--capitalism breeds stupidity because we kiss the asses of idiots for their dollars.  We are way too nice to stupid people because we want their money. Corporate America has made the acceptance of stupidity commonplace.  

You might think the clerk at the gas station who says, "thank you, come again," somehow means it but I promise you they don't.  They're saying it because they have to and they know their company has secret shoppers who come around to check on them and make sure they say it.

Nobody fucking cares if you come back to that shitty gas station.  Either you will or you won't. Having some shitbird behind the register tell you they appreciate your business doesn't make a goddamned bit of difference.  It's not his store, it's not his company, and we all know he's making minimum wage and for that shitty paycheck, he's forced to say things he doesn't mean.

I've worked at gas stations and it's a miserable job where stupid people come in and make your life worse by the nature of their breathing.  Their parents should have never been allowed to reproduce.

It's time we brought Eugenics back on the table.  It's time we discussed it as a means of saving our species from ruin.  It's time to clean the gene pool because there are too many turds floating in it.

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