Thursday, May 28, 2015

That Damned Laughing Chipmunk

I've always loved Jim Belushi.  Most of the characters he's played reminded me of myself.

Only he always said the great lines I wish I had said.  More often than not, they were said to really hot women, who eventually found his charms sexy.

But there was one move I really loved him in--K-9.

There was a recurring gag they used in that movie where he had this small handheld video game.  One of those toys you could get at Radio Shack back in the 80's.  Belushi's character kept loosing badly and every time, this chipmunk would laugh at him.  It was the most obnoxious laugh.  The game would beep like some kind of timer and then there would be the laugh.  And Belushi always lost so you heard that damned chipmunk laugh a dozen times in the movie.

I feel like Belushi today.  Ain't nothing gone right.

But I'm not going to whine, piss, and moan.  Nope.  I'm working on stuff.  Big stuff.  Stuff so big that it impresses even me.  Stuff so awesome that I can't wait to brag to my mom about it.

I'm working on a deadline to submit a novella and it's killing me.  I love deadlines but I'm terrible when I have to deal with one.  I'm lazy right up until the final countdown and then I'm a flurry of work.  When I submit is always missing something, too.  It's never quality work or the best I could do--just the best I could throw together in a short period of time.

I'm not a hack but I certainly act like one.  And I'm hearing that timer.  It's just a matter of time before I hear that damned chipmunk laugh.  But my goal is to get this novella submitted before that happens.
So that's what I'm doing tonight.

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