Friday, June 28, 2013

For a Special Woman

To steal a phrase from a movie...this goes out to an unusual girl who makes me feel....unusual. 

I Have a Van

Two tons of throbbing American Steel
Thrust down the highway by a
3-0-2 cubic inch heart of black soul.

I have a van.
Bucket seats covered in a thousand hides of dead Naughas hunted to near extinction.
Each slowly flayed under a full moon.
Just for you, my love. Just for you.

I have a van.
Walls covered in scarlet satin
pillow-soft pockets of sound absorbing down.
A massage table with heated pads.
You've had a long day my love, let me help you relax.

I have a van.
Every known candy in bulging bags
Chocolates and berry delights,
Try the Passion Cremes,
They explode in your mouth, my love.

I have a van.
A plush bed folds down
near the duct tape dispenser on top
of the puppy kennel
All under a mirrored ceiling.
So you can see yourself, my love.

I have a van.
We'll cruise the dark roads,
unsuspecting neighborhoods.
Intensive personal research.
Your sheep's clothing.

I have a van.
And since my trip to the river,
it's empty without you.
Climb inside, shift into glide.
Let's see where the night takes us!
We have room to fill, my love.
We have a van.

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